Find your size

Evening at the conservatory. The young and already famous violinist performs a complex concert requiring virtuoso ownership of the tool. Double flagelets, septaksords must convey the passionate and tragic nature of the music, but … do not transmit.

For some reason, all my attention is directed not to music, but to execution. The young man plays brightly, but puts a little more strength in the game than music requires. Movement with a bow tense, face concentrated and even angry. Why does the impression that, although he could play this big and complex concert, he should not have done this? He just proves that he can not just – has the right to play it, and all is not captured by music – by himself: “Anyway, I will do it!”

“What a stubborn spirit,” I think. “What an ambitious boy,” the neighbor notes. The public meets his incredible efforts with enthusiasm. An experienced conductor offers young virtuoso to play over the program a small spectacular play of the same composer. Brilliantly. And there is no longer looking for the limits of a possible person – only music. And – the thunder of applause.

Human adequacy to his business gives personality a charm. When you find yourself in your size, it unloads you and fascinates people. Blue bird of our days – authenticity. Your harmony, your tasks in life yourself. The proportionality of your capabilities – abilities, health, age, interest – and the requirements of the task. One people of their size are given from above and from birth or, more precisely, from the first experiments of self -understanding. Others have to perform a “shooting”: either a shortage, then a flight. The latter, looking for their consistent “poke”, are forced to accumulate not too pleasant experience of “wrong” Only after a long stay “not there” and the charter, the most wise of them abandon the external and often prestigious for the sake of a sense of harmony. And then they gain happiness. But it is difficult: they were always very adaptive and flexible, and for this important step they have to say “no” for the first time, to refuse the endless space of opportunities in favor of one single.Another type of people who seemed to be a gift to feel what is suitable for them and what is not, it also lives not easy. They seem to hear a clear inner voice: this is not yours! And it cannot be disobeyed, so they are inflexible, poorly adapt, do not see possible compromises ..

Authenticity – the consonance of our lives ourselves. The proportionality of our capabilities and the requirements of the task.






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